Let's schedule some time to discuss your project! During this initial phone call, we will have a short Q&A time.  I will get a brief overview of your design goals and explain to you how my business works.  You will have an opportunity to ask me questions and get familiar with my process.  If we determine that we are a good fit, the next step is to schedule your complementary consultation. 
Time to get started!  With my tape measure and notepad in hand, I will show up ready to listen and get to work.  We will take a tour of your home, focusing on the spaces you feel need design help.  I will ask many questions to gain a clear idea of the style and function you desire for each space to be designed.  Together we will prioritize your design wish list and come up with a basic timeline and budget for completion of your projects.  You will always know what to expect and what each phase of the timeline entails.  At the end of this consultation, if you are comfortable with me and you would like me to design for you, we will schedule your presentation appointment.  
Get comfortable, have snacks & be ready to make decisions!  This appointment may take several hours depending on how many rooms I am presenting and how decisive you are.  I will present two or three design scenarios for each space.  We will discuss the merchandise being presented to help you make informed decisions. At this time, you will get a chance to tweak my designs to your liking, making them more personal to you, not just my vision.  Typically, the designs are finalized at the end of this appointment and we begin the necessary steps toward your design transformation. 
When your merchandise has been received and inspected we will schedule the installation date!  A professional crew will deliver your new furnishings to you and place them in your home with white glove precision and meticulous attention to detail.  All boxes, crates and packing materials are removed upon completion of your installation.  Your home and merchandise will be handled gently and with respect.  


Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.        - Nate Berkus